A lifetime in Photography.



My interest in photography started at a very early age.I was always fascinated by cameras and remember using my parents 'box' camera whilst on holidays.

My first 'real' camera was a Kodak Brownie 127 which I used on assignments at school and remember taking the exposed film to the chemist shop for developing and printing, always excited to see the results about a week later! I left school at age 15 with no formal qualifications and was lucky to get a job in a local  camera shop run by a very good photographer and an even better teacher! After two years I started working for a commercial and wedding photographer in Eastbourne, East Sussex where I learnt pretty much everything I needed to know.

In 1968 with the help of £50 from my dear old dad, I started my own photography business and for the next 45 years enjoyed a wonderful career. I have worked for local, national and international clients and have had a number of studios in the Eastbourne area

I have always had a passion for Landscape Photograpy and nowdays spend my time photographing the wonderful world that surrounds us. Most of my work is of the area local to me. I'm so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place with the coast, downland and woodland right here on my doorstep. I hope you enjoy looking at the images on this website.